Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii Pictures

Sorry its so late to be posting these pictures.... But here are the pictures from our "Make-A-Wish" sponsered trip to Wakiki, Hawaii back on October 19-24, 2009!!!
What a time we had and never forgotten memories we made!
More are coming.....
(Sorry the pictures loaded up backwards so it starts with the end of our trip first )
Me recieving my lay
Manay recieving her lay

Chris recieving his lay

Our Hawaian greeter

This is the the view fronm the plane of the bay we are going to snorkle in in a few days

This is how you can tell you have been on the plane to long :)

Tam got ahold of the camera

This is how vince slept the whole 5 1/2 hours!!!

Mom showing off how good the muffin was

Mom enjoying the wonderful chocolate muffin!!!!

She only slept for awhile till she smelt the food :)

They have their pillows, ipods, camera, matching shirts (well almost), and a smile...... yepp they are ready to go

I am taking this picture from this veiw

They were able to get all 7 of us in the same row

Dont ask...... I think just over excitment and not enough sleep????

Our plane getting ready to take us to the wonderful started raining right after we got to the airport and i was told it rained and stormed like the whole time we were gone to :) All i have to say is perfect time for a vacation!! :)

Our limo.....

All loaded and ready to Hula :)

OUr wonderful driver (even at that time of morning :) )

The time the limo arrived to take us to the airport.... The Make-A-Wish provieded us a limo to the air port and also back home from the airport

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