Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on "Little Chris"

Well its day 31 for us being in the hospital so far this year.....and boy has it been a ride that we are ready to get off. But God id doing some great things and with all the great support from family and friends it is so much easier to make it through another day. Right now we are on day 10 of our 5th stay at Sutter Memorial. All the nurses are so awesome!! and of course he has his favorite nurses(we do also :)).This stay has been the longest and we are exspecting to come home around Monday. Just in time for No Limits!!Yeah cant wait!! Its just the devil roarin cause we have just keep knocking more and more teeth out every time he trys to come around. But with the recovery from surgery this past Tuesday, it has been slow, but steady. They put in a McKey button into his stomach so he can eat. He has not had any more fever since last week and everything is looking good. You can also check out his web site at

I am going to put up some pics from all the stays....
All us in the "teen Room" the boys playin PS2

Game room

Chris with his hanky anointed from our pastors

Chris on day 1 of our stays Jan. 2, 2009(you see the difference from then and now!?!?!)
Watchin the other boys play the game while he rests for a popcicle

Chris doing his regular exercise getting out of the room and to the ateen room :)
Bro. Young and Bro Jones came up and prayed while he was in ICU the day before revival started


Right after X-ray
This is Chris getting up after yesterday...its slow but he is doing it