Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Pics....

Joey being a nerd:)

My friend Victoria from school

One of my bestest guy friends in the world...Lewis

Vote McCain/Palin :) Lexi and Kyle

My cousin Libby and her boys

My cousins head stone.

My uncle and aunts car we got to ride in. My uncle took my mom and I on a late night ride with the hood down!!

My grandparents head stone

My uncle visiting his daughters grave.

Manay in my grandmas wedding dress worn again since july 19th 1952
All the buds

Uncle Bill with Tylor jimmy and his gf ashley

Slide Fun

We had so much fun

Mandi picturing herself

Tylor sleepin through the party

This guy started singing in Italain

The strauss Fest

They were dancing with fire

The fire works after the fest. It was Saiges 4th birthday and she had never seen fire works before and was wide eyed the whole time and we sang happy birthday for her. She is so cute! Just love her to pieces!!!

my mom bought this shirt :)

I wanted to get this for manay but she said she would kill me if i did :)

Just thought it was funny

my mom said i needed this shirt but they didnt have my size :(

This was a pic at the state fair

batman Katie

Saige and her dowey

I took this for Kate

I really bought this shirt :)

These are two of my favorite disney characters. Jack Jack and Squirt

Zambee Tammi

Now thats the Manay we know

Sitting on a hight rock just enjoying the view

This is how close we camped to the water. those are the campers!

and in color

lookin down

Just a over view

The water as the tide came in.

The sunset in diffrent eyes

the sunset was very beautiful and very peaceful sitting on the rocks with the breeze in your face enjoyin the solitude. Breath taking!!!

I was right on at least a 20 foot high cliff looking right down!!

OUr hiking journey:) I let them go first to make sure it was safe:)
going into the cove to look at the names written in the walls before the tide came in.

Angel and joey added their names the the whole mix of names. Then we ran up a hill of rocks so we could explore moreand at the end you always come back for some good campin cookin :)
Our camp site

My bro Victor at football practice. (he is number 30)

My bro Victor and I

Lexi and Manay at the state fair. (yes that is a back drop:) even though they wished i wasnt)

Sades man:)

My grandma

Tamsens first eyebrow job :) (love you tam)

All the girls after sun night service

The tree muskateers! My sisters and I

Kids have wild imaginations. This is at my Marms house in OR. It was Tamsens and mine tree house, boat,carrige, and anything else we could think of.

me in disneyland trying out my new smile after I just got my braces

Chris and aunt Becky

Hello Tammi

Marmy and I

Cheese Kate:)